Transform Your Idea to App

DreamCare Technologies IT Professional services exclusively focus to deliver High Quality IT services with value propositions and unique solutions to need of IT Professional firms in INDIA.

DreamCare Service main aim is to provide solutions with effectual combination of Technology and comprehensive IT Business applications, which meet all your business needs and challenges improving service delivery and Profitability.



Learning & Planning

Before we start on any project we work extra hard to understand the domain and goals. We use the previous experiences as well as freshly obtained knowledge to plan and estimate the project.


UX & Design

At this stage we work with you and our designers to create a visual layer of the project. This step is to hammer out the exact screens of the application and plan the optimum user experience. We're also happy to work with your appointed designers or just to be provided with a ready to use design.

Web Development

When looks are settled we give a green light to the technical team. By this time they are fully briefed since the designated team has been involved in the planning phase. We develop the project on an agreed schedule often giving you feedback on how the planned interfaces actually work and if we see any ways to improve the experience.



In parallel to the development we proceed with the delicate process of integrating the site with any needed third-parties. These can be payment gateways, warehouses, messaging systems, search engines etc.


Testing & Quality Assurance

Although we do a fair amount of testing during the development and integration phase, we still perform a full set of testing and QA before we are ready to hand off the product. We're happy to invite you to perform your own verification and to provide us with any thoughts.



This phase may take place earlier, but we can create and setup hosting for the project. Typically we also create an automated deployment script that ensures a safe initial deployment and any future deployments.



When the project is deployed, handling your real customers, there's still work to be done. We're happy to have you covered for long term support, handling stuff like updates, small fixes and changes per your request. This also gives you priority if you need any bigger changes handled on an expedited schedule.

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